Glossary of Terms

  1. Experience Points (XP) - XP is awarded to students to measure their progress within the game. XP is converted from marks awarded to them in Assignments/Assessments.

  2. Levels - Levels are dependent on the XP collected. When students collect enough XP, they can level up (progress to the next level).

  3. Game Stories - Game Stories can be used to drive the narrative of a story and character development as the Course progresses.

  4. Achievements - Achievements are rewards awarded to students after completing the tasks. This can come in the form of badges and trophies.

Gamified Courses are indicated with the Gamification icon on Assignment Cards.
Example of a gamified Course on an Assignment Card.

Example of a gamified Course in the Assignment List view.

Video Tutorial - Add Gamification to Your Couse

Video Tutorial - Preview Gamification and Enable Leaderboard